Rogerio Torres – Pastor

Rogerio Torres grew up in Brazil; he graduated from Law School in 2003 at UNIFIEO in Osasco, Brazil. Back in 2006, he came to US with the intention of becoming a lawyer here, however, was redirected by God to go to Seminary and pursue theology training. In 2012 he graduated with a Master in Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was ordained by the C&MA Ohio Valley District in 2013 and is currently serving as an Assistant Pastor at LifePointe since 2009; he also leads a Hispanic Congregation called Comunidad Alianza Nueva Vida since 2014, and works as a DOJ Immigration Accredited Representative at the Immigration Center of the ICC.

Against all the odds, He and his wife joined former FAC in 2007 and as they embraced their call for service it became home for them. Roger was asked to come on board as a Youth Pastor in 2009 while in Seminary, and since them he played many roles in the church. LifePointe Church has been home for him and his family and he knows that God is at work and there are might things waiting to be revealed here.

When Rogerio is not shepherding at LifePointe, CANV or helping an immigrant at our Immigration Center, he loves to spend time with his family, His wife Soraya, his daughters Gabriella and Isabella, his newborn son Benjamin, and son-in-law Joey.
Rogerio is a fan of sports, particularly Futebol (That one you actually play using your foot, lol). He loves to play soccer, table tennis, pool, and board games. He is a fixer too; if it is broken, ask him, He probably can fix it.

Rogerio is excited about what is happening at LifePointe Church and is eager to serve and help in any way he possibly can to see the church thriving, growing, and reaching Buechel for the Lord.

If you want to know more about Rogerio or LifePointe Church please e-mail him at

If you need help with Immigration don’t hesitate to contact him at or call him at (502) 295-7151 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit Immigration Legal Services on Facebook.