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Dedicated to spreading The Word, creating an atmosphere where one can discover Jesus and go be Jesus, and encouraging people to “Do Life.”

Whether you’re looking for a non-denominational church in Louisville, or an experience with any other denomination, we would like to invite you to check us out as you take your journey.

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Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. -Matthew 6:21

The Power of Fear…and It’s Conqueror

By Ken Toczyski Fear has become big business in this country. So often advertisements are based on people being afraid of getting sick, or of getting fat, or of going Broke. Folks are afraid of crowds and afraid of being alone. We try to protect ourselves so that our...

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The President Has “No Hope”?

By Ken Toczyski One of the people in the news recently has been Hope Hicks. Hope Hicks is a former White House Communications Director. She has been in the employment of President Trump since August of 2014. After her recent resignation, one could say that the...

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Building An Olympic-Like Faith

By Ken Toczyski For the last week, the world has watched with admiration at the amazing things done by the athletes at the Olympic games. Of course, we know that the skills and strength needed to ski and skate with such speed and grace did not come instantly. These...

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