By Ken Toczyski

Fear has become big business in this country. So often advertisements are based on people being afraid of getting sick, or of getting fat, or of going Broke. Folks are afraid of crowds and afraid of being alone. We try to protect ourselves so that our possessions aren’t stolen, and our identity isn’t stolen, and so that our heart is not broken. The media covers the news about people who are afraid of the military of other nations, and afraid of the leaders of their own nation. And it goes on.

But in this sacred season of Easter, the good news is that Fear has been conquered. Every Christian should remember that Fear has a Conqueror, and He is the Living Christ. Shout that from the housetops, or at least put it on the refrigerator, but do not forget it.

Christ faced fear, and He Overcame. In those days of what I call “the Easter Event”, beginning with the Last Supper and continuing through Resurrection Morning, waves of terror sought to knock Him down. The Lord faced the fear of betrayal, the horror of tortuous pain, the dread of loneliness, the fear of ridicule, and of course the fear of death. In each case, these fears would do their worst, but in each case, the Lord stood firm.

Fear can cause us to run away, or to lash out at others. Jesus did neither. Instead, He humbled Himself, became obedient unto death, and experienced victory on the third day.

Whatever we face in these days, we can look to the Savior and know that Victory is possible. Christ not only shows us the way to win, He is the Way to victory.