By Ken Toczyski

For the last week, the world has watched with admiration at the amazing things done by the athletes at the Olympic games. Of course, we know that the skills and strength needed to ski and skate with such speed and grace did not come instantly. These people were determined to excel. Many of these competitors have spent hours in training almost daily for many years in hopes of winning an Olympic medal.

The Christian life has many heroes as well. From the Apostles Peter and Paul of the first century to the Mother Teresas and the Billy Grahams of our time, there have been persons who have been world changers. They have shown great skill, faith, and dedication in serving the Living Christ. They have been a part of some great undertakings.

If we are not careful, we will look at the schools, churches, and hospitals that have been built and not think about how these came into being. Just as we watch a skater land a powerful spin, but don’t think about how many falls and bruises went into learning do that move so gracefully; so we may not think of the painful sacrifice and prayer that went into laying every brick of these works.

This leaves every one of us with a challenge. No one automatically becomes a champion snowboarder, and even with effort they may never become one. No one automatically becomes a strong follower of God. But the promise of God’s Word is that if anyone will practice the daily habit of opening the Bible and applying its truth, if he or she will commit different things to Christ in prayer, and meet regularly with God’s people during the week, especially on Sundays; then anyone can build and enjoy an Olympic like faith.