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Podcast 03/30/14: Infinity

Infinity: making sense of spiritual things. Listen to the 4th message of the Game of Life series by…

Podcast 03/16/14: Pictionary – What Does Your Picture Look Like

Life is tough. It’s hard to figure out what your picture looks like.

Listen to this message from…

03.09.14 Podcast: Constructing the Life I Want

This is the first of the “Game of Life” message series.

Am I connecting the things to my life tha…

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LPC’s Faith Essentials

1. Invest and Invite

Be personally active in helping bring people to Jesus.

2. Feed Yourself

Spiritual growth is your personal responsibility. God uses the Bible, prayer, groups, and gatherings to help mature us.

3. Give Biblically

God invites us to discover the abundance of a generous, obedient life.

4. Impact Your World

Jesus challenges us to take opportunities to serve the people directly around us.

5. Multiply the Mission

On an individual level, recruit someone to serve with you. As a church, we plan to start new churches and campus extensions of Lifepointe.

Service Times
A Non-denominational church that meets Sundays at 10:45 at the Rave Preston Crossing Cinemas (Preston at the Snyder).

Our services are casual and come-as-you-are. We also have a nursery, Kids Ministry and Youth Service, so arrive early to introduce your children to the team!

When You Visit…
We can’t wait to meet you! Lifepointe Church in Louisville is an exciting place of worship that allows you to discover Jesus in a casual atmosphere with other people that are just like you, and that have an amazing love for God!